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Over three incredible years, LH was the creative force behind Gaana's social media buzz! Our gig was more than your average social media hustle – it was a whirlwind of engaging users, hyping up new drops, and showcasing everything from podcasts to live shows.

When LH hopped on board, Gaana's follower count was at 350k. Fast forward, and we amped it up to a whopping 700k! We crafted this awesome editorial vibe, blending memes and awesome moments with big shots like Badshah, Yashraj Mukhate, and Neha Kakkar. Our crew had a blast teaming up with these superstars!

Balancing podcasts, live shows, and nailing that brand vibe? It was like spinning plates, but hey, we made it a fun circus! What truly rocked? Being part of Gaana's epic journey to new heights!

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