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After winning on Shark Tank's first India series, ISAK approached us to redesign their logo to align with their price-points and consumers - premium artisanal brand with custom-crafted fragrances. After competition space scan and internal immersion with the founder Vidushi - L&H developed a unique communication direction for ISAK. A direction that challenged the current marketing practices based solely either on ingredients by artisanal brands or hero fragrances by luxury houses.

ISAK believes that fragrance is a thread that runs through history; a path between the past and present. Their scents are remnants of cultural heritage, handed down generations in shared memories and dedication to skill. ISAK's mission is to develop a fragrance practice rooted in ancient wisdom - curative, healing, spiritual and personal.

Our ornate monogram captures details of perfume making and Isak’s legacy in a seal. Together the type & monogram lend immense extendability to the packaging universe - to refresh packaging with new drops, create exclusive emboss debs treatments and monogram placements.

The logo was further used to create social media communication templates.

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