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We armoured up to create digital, social first campaigns for leading sporting brand Underarmour. UA wanted to launch their flagship store in Lulu Mall, Kerala and we planned for it complete with  activation strategies, which included offline-to-social plans in collaboration with local running communities and football clubs, activated on both the brand and athlete's social handles.

We specifically worked on promoting brand athlete Sufia Sufi  for Under Armour India, with the goal of building alternative brand athlete equity in India's sports narrative. We developed a content campaign centered around the incredible journey of long-distance runner Sufia Sufi as she conquered a 210km run across Qatar in under 30 hours.

Furthermore, for the launch of UA's new store in Kerala, we leveraged on-ground footage and UA's content resources to create engaging content that showcased the brand's dedication to the spirit of challenge and hard work. This content was part of a larger store launch and promotion plan developed for Under Armour. Our mandate for UA extended beyond social media and encompassed product marketing, store launch and marketing, and brand awareness building, including the use of Indian brand ambassadors to contextualize the brand in the Indian market.

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